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Healthy, stable feet need care, and you can care for them best by getting regular pedicures. Eliminate painful calluses, cracked heels, mild cases of ingrown toenails, and swelling in the ankles and lower leg with a soothing, relaxing pedicure.

Pedicure with Polish 2 Hour $70
Pedicure without Polish 1-Hour $65
French Pedicure 2-Hour $75
Shellac - Bio-Sculpture Pedicure $95
French Shellac - Bio-Sculpture Pedicure $100
Express Pedicure 45-min $55
Express French Pedicure 50-min $60


Spa Pedicure Options

All the benefits of a detailed 2hr pedicure, with the addition of the following deep hydrating foot and leg treatments:

Coco luscious Moisturizing Spa Pedicure
Moisturize dry feet and legs with this organic coconut hydrating foot and leg mask, followed by a tropical Shea butter vitamin massage.

Chocolate Truffle Spa Pedicure
Indulge yourself with this calorie-free hydrating food and leg mask that includes your choice of tropical butter or sour cherry whip massage.

Soothing Herbal Spa Pedicure
An infusion of herbs used by Olympic runners in Germany, this treatment will soothe swollen, tired feet and legs and leave your feet refreshed and hydrated.

Shea Butter & Vitamin E Paraffin Spa Pedicure
After a moisture-rich butter massage, we envelope your feet and legs in hydrating paraffin. Electric booties lock in moisture and keep you warm while your skin absorbs all the nutrients.

Spa Pedicures 2-hour - $85

Add Shellac or Bio-Sculpture gell polish to any pdicure for and additional charge of $10 for regular color or $15 for French

Deep Hydrating Foot & Leg Treatment only - $30 without a pedicure.

 Foot Peeling Treatment

Benefits: helps smooth the skin on the bottom of the foot.
• Peeling Gel Application: loosens dead skin and softens rough areas of the foot. (15 minutes)
• Scraping (with curved part of the spatula): removes excess peeling gel and loosened dead skin. (5 minutes)
• Polishing (with pumice paper of the spatula): eliminates the residue from the rough areas of the foot while smoothing and softening the skin. (5 minutes)
Longue Vie Pieds
Benefits: rejuvenating effects on the feet area with 56 biological extracts.
To complete this foot treatment we massage your feet with the Longue Vie Foot Cream, a rejuvenating and hydrating cream. (2 minutes)
The Longue Vie Pieds Cream, deodorizes and nourishes the feet. The cream’s smooth texture is rapidly absorbed into the skin leaving it soft and hydrated.
30 mins. $55 or add onto a pedicure for $45


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